1. Finally have a computer again! This is a promo poster for an event at my buddy’s barbershop, the graphics are definitely inspired by the work of Jason Goad but nowhere near his caliber, that dude is crazy good.


  2. Just a quick update, I’m preparing for a move next week and still without a computer hence no arts lately. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the love and followers, and I hope to get back to posting again soon now that I have a job and will be able to get a new computer! squishy hugs to you all!

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  3. plebcomics:

    dont worry kiddo, when tumblr is telling you youre a piece of shit for existing as who you are, you can just log off and go back to your life of luxury 

    Ok, here’s the thing, I understand this comic, I get it.  I’m a white, cis gendered, bisexual female who has been in long term heterosexual relationships most of my life.  Also, my mother had me when she was 16, and had to work multiple shit jobs to try to support us, there were some winters growing up where we’d run out of money and food and the power would get cut off repeatedly, and my step dad was an alcoholic who was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. So yeah, I struggled, I still struggle, but I am also incredibly aware of how privileged I am.

    There are people out there who endured or are enduring the same things I went through but with the added pressures of having to wonder if they’re going to get assaulted if they tell people they’re transgender, or if they’re going to have people racially profile and accost them for no reason other than the color of their skin. I will NEVER know that type of struggle, ever, simply because I was born white and identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. THAT is my privilege. Plain and simple.

    When I see posts where people are saying how privileged white or cis or hetero people are, I don’t think “You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve been through” because I have accepted the fact that the privilege being discussed is not about my socio economic or family environment, it’s about how I’m perceived by others based solely on my race and gender identity.  I could be having ungodly struggles in my life and hop on a bus and sit down next to a little old lady without saying a word, and she’d probably smile and offer me a cookie, not shoot me a disgusted look or get up and move or clutch her purse tighter.

    I understand that when your life is hard as shit it can feel like a giant slap in the face to be called privileged. No one is trying to say you have a perfect life, or you don’t struggle, and I don’t think anyone wants you to feel ashamed of your privilege, but you do need to accept it.  People might get angry and lash out and say things like “you don’t know what it means to be oppressed” please try to recognize that it means “you can never understand MY oppression”. They probably aren’t trying to invalidate any personal struggle you may have, but rather point out the struggles you will NEVER have and that they live with daily.

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    oh really are you really sure

    wasn’t he possessed by a demon in that scene

    Yup, that’s how Dean knew it wasn’t his dad

    Oh my god.

    I thought my fandom had father issues…

    Actually, he wasn’t possessed by a demon in this scene. This shot is from season two episode one, not the finale of season one (which would be the scene with him being possessed by the yellow eyed demon and saying he was proud of Dean for using the colt). This scene was genuine and it was when he knew he was going to die and was saying his goodbyes to Dean after having made the deal with the yellow eyed demon to save Dean in exchange for the colt and his soul. He also vocalized his regrets about making Dean grow up too soon, and take on too much responsibility as a kid.  He wasn’t a heartless dick all the time. C’mon people, pull your shit together.

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  5. So, I’ve been without my computer for like 3 weeks now (using my brothers when I can) and been waiting to hear back on whether it can be fixed, and the answer is no. Ugh. The guy says he can get all my stuff off it though, so I shouldn’t lose anything. but, I have no computer, which means no digital art making for the foreseeable future as I’m broke as shit and certainly wont be getting a new computer any time soon unless a miracle happens. In case you were wondering about the lack of art posts, that would be why, weeoo.


  6. ashleymichaele said: Would it be okay if I got anything of yours tattooed? I absolutely love your illustrations, but didn't want to do it without permission. Do you have a signature or something that could go along with it or something? Don't want to step on any toes.

    Oh man! By all means, that would be such an honor! You don’t need to put my signature on your tattoo, I’d love to see whatever you get done though! I love tattoos so it would be really amazing to see! And thank you for asking and for thinking so much of my art that you’d get it tattooed on you, it’s seriously awesome :)


  7. A photo of crayons with weird names just came up on my dash and I was reminded of something that happened when I was seven.

    I got in an actual fistfight with my cousin, at HER OWN BIRTHDAY PARTY, because she kept calling magenta “purple” and saying that magenta wasn’t a real color.

    She is now a Naturopathic Doctor and I am an unemployed artist. I guess she wins.

  8. Reblogging this because TEN DAYS!!! I’m so excited for the new season!

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    Zombies by Julian Totino Tedesco

    This is so damn cool

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  10. The last few things I’ve trade to draw have just not been even remotely adequate. So here’s a picture of my eye, because I like it more than them.

  11. I missed throwback thursday yesterday because I was too busy painting the livingroom, so here’s this. I seriously look like I’m trying to eat those kittens

  12. franklyrebecca:

    just a few of the many reasons why I’m excited for when the tumblr generation becomes parents

    I relate too much to this. A few years back I let my kids get “Happy Easter Bitches” written on our Easter cake. The lady wrote Easters instead of Easter, but my son was quick to point out “at least she spelled bitches right!”

    photo 222378_10150590033245301_5208447_n_zps5107bbcd.jpg

    and then there was the time when my daughter and I pulled an all nighter wired off redbull and mountains of candy and went on omegle and talked to college kids for hours and told them we were sisters and that she was 16 and I was 24 and then they got really confused when she called me mom.

     photo 180995_10150435132560301_8092808_n_zpsc10d3541.jpg

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    Epic win in my town! Ladies and gentlemen!  Bronze stallion Rainbow Dash

    i can’t wait to see someone yelling about how disrecpectful is this.

    That is defacing someone’s art. Wow that’s not cool.

    oh my god you have got to be shitting me.
    They wrecked a beautiful bronze statue to make it RAINBOW DASH?
    These are the horrible fans, these are why people hate the mlp fandom.

    this is awful. That is someones art. I’d like to see someone else spend years working on a sculpture and casting it in bronze and seeing it on display only for it to get spray painted over like a childrens cartoon.

    I’m disgusted by this and it makes me so mad to see this on my dash. This isn’t funny or cool or something to be proud of. It’s vandalism and destruction of property. You’ve single-handedly taken something that someone spent a long-ass time creating and ruined it- likely crushing them if they every see it. You’ve also disrespected the people of whatever town you may live in by painting over something beautiful and turning it into that eyesore. You’ve created an incredible amount of stress for whomever is told to clean that up- IF they can clean that up. You’re wasting their time, money, and their resources.

    I wish I had the words to describe exactly how angry this makes me.

    talk about recolors-

    i cant tell if the comments are being sarcastic or just really have a problem with mlp

    Are you fucking kidding me? It’s not about having a problem with MLP, it’s the fact that the person who sculpted this spent months, if not years to create it, and some dipshit destroyed it in minutes because he thought it would make him seem cool. It’s completely disrespectful, completely douche-tastic and just plain shitty.  Plus, it’s not even a fucking good paint job.

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  14. I keep seeing all of these posts filled with hatred and prejudice by people who supposedly seek equality, and it makes me sad and frustrated.

    I wish that people would think of hatred as a gun. No matter who it’s pointed at, it’s still a gun.

  15.  #the genderswap to end all other genderswaps

    I would watch the fuck out of that.

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